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Joe & Clifty's Tour of the Southern League
Follow City fans Joe Green and Matt Clift (and friends) on their whistle stop tour of the Southern League.

Banbury - April 30th 2005

Grrr .. Banbury Cross!

Get it?

Joe, Tiger & Clifty

One for the Ladies

Today's theme was Banbury Cross, although we were searching for a raspberry bush to wag a finger at (Ban-bury) and also Joe was keen to ride a horse's cock to Banbury Cross until Shandy pointed out that he'd got the words the wrong way round.

Hednesford Town's Keys Park - April 16th 2005

How do you work this thing? ...

... here let me have a go

Aww, how sweet...

... mwaaaaaahhh

Dogging action from Cannock Chase

... more shenanigans

Joined by EX-TF Lee Mills (not the Hereford striker), Joe and Clifty hit Hednesford.

VS Rugby Town United Athletic Rovers City Argyle - April 9th 2005

Joe Green does Jonny Wilkinson

Joe Green, in Rugby, so what's the best pose that he can come up with? Jonny bloody Wilkinson!

Is this as lame as it looks?!!

Halesowen's #1 Venue - The Grove - March 26th 2005

On your Marks ...

... and Shandy wins!

Joe leaves his mark

To commemorate Shandy's recent triumphant completion of the Wilmslow half marathon our Stockport based City fan joined the legendary duo of Joe and Clifty at Halesowen in a three men re-creation of the event over eight yards. The experience told and our very own Northerner romped home whilst Joe almost collapsed across the finish line through exhaustion and Clifty need not have bothered!

Histon Village Green - March 12th 2005

Joe pumping, erm, I don't know!

He wanted to go on the slide

Ahh - Joe feeds the ducks!

Clifty missed his second away game on the bounce ... shocking!

The Walks @ Kings Lynn - February 26th 2005

Clifty was unable to make the trip to Kings Lynn so occasional City fan Travis Whittaker took his place. Joe has been friends with Travis for years, but ...

The Aylesbury Duckwalk - February 12th 2005

Or should that be the Dickwalk?

Solihull Borough's Damson Parkway - January 29th 2005

It's all doom & gloom

Joe grows another head

Who'd rather be at Tesco's?

Hemel Hempstead Town's Vauxhall Road Stadium - January 15th 2005

Clifty & Joe Brent in the stand

A sly glance from Clifty

Joe's got the horn

Show us your teeth boys

Show us your flag boys

Hitchin Town's Top Field - December 18th 2004

Joe samples the cuisine

Say "Cheese"!

Testing the wooden terraces

Joe Green - Animated Gif

Joe Green

Gloucester City AFC Scarf

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