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Didn't we have a lovely time, the day we went to Farnborough!
Well, we didn't quite cuddle with Jack and open a bottle of cider but there were plenty of alcoholic beveages consumed, before and after the game and there was a great deal of celebratory man-hugging following the three shrill blasts of the referee's whistle just shy of five o'clock.
These are accounts written by City fans about their day, if you'd like to contribute yours then please email it to me here.

The day starting with Stella on the bus and continous ammounts of trips to the toilet on the coach. Id say at least 10 times, once you break that seal theres no stopping you. Getting to the ground to see the shock on the Farnborough fans faces, and in the bar City were everywhere.

The sun shining and City on the verge of something historic i just knew that City were going to clinch it, it was destined to be. Having popped to the toilet yet again and walking back out through the Boro fans, City score i go mental, to lots of verbal abuse. It almost seemed to be slow motion with that goal going in.

The match seemed to go on forever, especially the second half and stoppage time. Looking at my watch and it being 5 oclock. The Barmy Army singing for at least 30 mins, this is what football is all about, Terrace bouncing and great banter. Old Trafford, Camp Nou, Fratton Park, id know where id rather have been.

The whistle going, and jumping the fence, to the struggle to get over the hoarding, with the big black steward trying to stop me. Hopefully now after the acheivements of this season, things can only get better, a new ground, more finances and more additions to the squad.

Glos are on the up.

by Barnsey

After following City for almost 15 years I had experienced mainly great anti-climaxes and low points: Dagenham at Slough, Salisbury, Bedworth, Shortwood. But I had also had a small taste of success away at the likes of Southport and Redditch, and Chippenham at home, and I knew that it would taste even sweeter when the glorious day finally came.

After beating Cambridge in an epic encounter in the semis I was convinced that this would be our year. Unlike previous efforts this was a true underdog spirit - local players, a shoestring budget and no permanent home. I also knew that I would never make it through the rest of the week to Saturday without somehow channelling my nervous tension into a creative outlet. So, after investigating the possibilities of an inflatable tiger and failing to find one, I decided to do the next best thing and create a cardboard version of the beast, 7 feet in length and using 56 pieces of printed colour paper (stealthily obtained at work) to spell out 'GCAFC'.

After almost drowning in PVA glue and impaling myself on a stanley knife I set about making a couple of extras: a dead robin to mock the demise of our fiercest rivals, and a cheeky 'Playoff Winners' sign, hidden from view and attached to the back of the tiger until the final whistle blew lest I should tempt fate's cruel and fickle hand.

The day itself reminded me of the trophy game at home to Dagenham almost exactly 12 years before - blazing hot and a carnival atmosphere. But this carnival wasn't to end with tear-soaked fragments of yellow pages - this was a true tactical masterclass of the highest calibre, devised by the scheming super-brains of Boris and Tim.

Matt Rose's goal and the entire second half was a blur and only a record-breaking 25 minute rendition of 'Barmy Army' saw my nerves through until the final whistle, which pierced the short moment of silence before Kev Sawyer launched a goal kick into the stratosphere and the City faithful released 68 years worth of repressed jubilation.

To see my handywork on the front page of the Citizen made the moment so syrupy-sweet for me that I almost fell into a diabetic coma. Glory, Glory Gloucester City!

by Tiger Matty


No I wasnt watching the latest Jenna Jameson "release", I was watching Gloucester City finally end 68 years of Southern league football! Although it did make me want to reach for the tissues...

I arrived into Gloucester City centre at around 10am and was extremely happy to see a sea of yellow already there, and this time the sea of yellow not being next to a phone box left by a tramp. As I settled down with a full English in Wetherspoons, the old butterflies kicked in (or it could have been the sausage). We were just 90 minutes away from Blue Square football.

The coach journey was relatively painless, apart from the stench from the toilet. Obviously everyone else on coach A dined at the Regal that morning too. So into Cherrywood road we went. The next 90 minutes were the longest of my life, put it this way I went into Farnborough clean shaven but came out looking like ZZ Top. The boys on the pitch were immense and the barmy army were, well, barmy!

The pitch invasion is a memory I will always treasure, we'd finally done it! That night was a drunken party to last all drunken parties. I woke up on Sunday morning with a huge headache but still buzzing like I'd just been out on the town with Lindsay Lohan, Pete Docherty and Sting. Me and my mates always used to say we'd never see City do it, that those kind of things happen to other clubs. We can finally put that one to bed now.

by Bob Carolgees

Clearly the best bit was the pitch invasion. Just seeing the pictures afterwards, virtually every City fan was there, screaming about promotion.

I managed to scar myself getting on the pitch. I miscalculated the height of the wall and, erm, fell over. I didn’t notice until I was jumping up and down with the group and saw a red mark. I was so ecstatic about getting to the conference South or whatever I had no idea I was in pain!

I said on the coach we were on going to Cherrywood Road that if we won, we should have the Monday Citizen dedicated to City. When we got the paper it wasn’t yellow and black, or sky blue, but it was great to have both the front and back pages dedicated to city, and the inside back cover, and the Editor’s opinion.

Speaking of coaches, Farnborough are lucky to have such a big ground. Four coaches are the most we’ve had in just over a decade, and it was shown how many City fans travelled to Hampshire for the biggest game of the season.

As I entered the clubhouse after the match Farnborough were singing ‘we’re staying down, we’re staying down, we’re staying’ which just goes to show they didn’t mind waiting a little longer to get promoted. But I will still admit they really could have done better. In the long term, they were top of the league, but they “mucked” it up, and in the short term, did anyone else there notice one of their players pointing to the Farnborough fans, lifting his arms, and pointing to us halfway through the barmy army chant?

I just wish we could have played it again. It was magical – I mean, we shot the robins down to league two, we’ve moved up a league for the first time in 68 years, and my brother is Robbie redshift.

by Liam Searle (age 12)

For me Farnborough was the culmination of so many things – it still hasn’t sunk in two days later.

Having been a fan for getting on for 30 years, and having sat in the stand with four generations of Dunstans I got involved in the running of the club because I felt that there was a real risk of it folding. Many a time we sat around the table and didn’t see any way to get out of the mess we had inherited, and the cards nature had dealt us. But hard work, perseverance and the addition of Tim Harris and Dave Phillips has transformed this club. Don’t get me wrong, its still bloody hard work, but we are going in the right direction, on and off the pitch.

Saturday for me started early, joining up with the playing staff and officials on the coach. What was so very obvious was the huge sense of assurance, confidence and self belief in the players – I remember talking about this with Tim in Reading Services – you just couldn’t see one player who didn’t look absolutely up for it - quite something when you remember what a young and inexperienced squad we have – they have really grown up this season, that’s for sure!

The match was quite simply the best and the worst 90 minutes of my footballing life! The final whistle brought such a release, of tension, of all the worry, all the hard work – all paid back with a massive dividend! You could see that in the faces of so many others as well.

The journey back was a lively one to say the least – from start to finish there was singing and laughing and banter. All the terrace favourites were sung, and a few more besides!

The day ended late – well Sunday morning to be strictly accurate. Having celebrated with a great number of fans in Gloucester I came back to Cheltenham with the Cheltenham-based players. As I wended a slightly unsteady path home, the last I saw of them that night was jumping up and down in the middle of the Promenade signing “follow follow follow, we are the boys in black and yellow”.

As Adie Harris said earlier in the evening – days like that don’t come along that often, so you have to enjoy them to the full!

by Mike Dunstan

I phoned our secretary to see if there was going to be segregation as Sam needs space to wander round. There was in 91 and this was a bigger game. Fortunately the reply was no, right i said, grabbed Sam & went with best mate Rich who drove us down.

First thing I remember was the large banner near the M3 junction, Farnborough v GloucesteS....Eh? Well they can't spell for a start.

Discussion was that City have hit the playoffs on form whereas Farnborough are slipping AND played extra 30mins on Tuesday night, Reckon they could be there for the taking.

Parked what seemed a mile from the ground in Bideford road, (Looked nothing like that pretty town).

Got to the gates only to be told there WASN'T segregation and we should go the far end, Oh well.

No queue and went straight in only to be asked by the guys on the gates if there's anyone else. Yep BIG queue at other gate. Why don't they come to this gate then??

There was a big City presence in stand, Sam liked the big Tiger & felt sorry for the Robin :-)

We sat down behind the goal during the first half eating Sausage & chips (Sam's staple diet at the football). Quite surreal sitting of calm behind Kev's goal with Farnborough supporters to our left & the City to our right.

I remember Farnborough supporters chanting 68 years & what you've done etc....I felt like shouting 2 years ago & you went bust!!!

Didn't see too much of the game but fortunately I did see Matt's shot hit the net and then went mad....All gone quiet on my left !!!

I do remember a goaline clearance by Muzzie from a corner but can't remember if it was before we scored.

Also remember seeing Kev's diving save to keep us 1-0 up just before half time, never had a doubt he'd save it.

Half time was spent queuing for drinks which took FOREVER. Chatted to City fans and asked them to pinch me, were we really 1-0 in the FINAL???

Second half was spent following Sam up and down the City Ranks whilst he collected balloons and tried to find the Tiger...

Joined in the Barmy Army with Sam in my arms until 10 mins to go when he was off again. It was karma giving it back....18 years ago I'd been part of the 1,202 we froze to death an the very same stand/gravel singing Barmy Army just to keep warm...

Sam disappeared in the family stand to play with the seats so I chatted to a steward (from Crawley Town). He was impressed with our support and wished us well.

I was looking up at the scoreboard Farnborough 0 Gloucester City 1, 82 mins gone,83 mins gone, 84 mins gone....suddenly was 94mins gone.

Back to the goal and watch fate give us the game when the scissor kick ballooned over the bar....

Full time whistle...YEEEEEEAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Syko gave an almighty Yell to the fans.

I hopped over the fence along with Sam & joined the thronging mass. Patted Kev & shook his hand and chatted to Mike the Programme!!

Then once calm played football with Sam, he achieved something Farnborough failed in two play off game (and extra time), he put the ball into the net!!!

He then remembered what City did so well & took the ball into the corner!!!!

We were ushered off the pitch & began the journey home. We put the sacrves out the window and drove home a bit in shock, has the last week ACTUALLY happened?

I know Cambridge were a better side than Farnborough.

The highlight on the drive home was Sam sat in the back saying "you do singing, I do drum"..Boom Boom Barmy Army, Boom Boom Barmy Army, Boom Boom Barmy Army...

by Wittsy

After I chaotic week organising 4 coaches to transport the Barmy Army from Meadow Park to Cherrywood Road (leading to a good bollocking at work for spending too much time on the phone!), I couldn’t wait to get to Farnborough and get things underway.

I went into Gloucester with a few City fans early on to get some breakfast and an early morning cider. After much debate about which pub to go to, our choice was made for us when the Regal was the only one open at such a stupid hour.

The coach journey went quite smoothly, as we managed to dodge the 5 mile tail-back at Birdlip, and have a mass toilet-break in a field next to Blunsdon Hill. The site of 50 or more yellow and black shirts peeing into one group of hedges was really something to behold!

After arriving at Farnborough we had to queue to get in. This is a rare delight as a City fan, as when you’re queuing, you always know you’re in for a big match. The 20 minute queue to get a pint was a bit much though! However, the drumming and the singing in the bar before kick-off was good fun and helped to settle the nerves, and the home fans didn’t seem to mind too much.

As for the match, it’s all a blur for the most part now, but I definitely remember not enjoying it much at all. I was keeping Shandy and Jenni Silver updated via text, and I remember texting early on that things weren’t going well: ‘Not good. We’re outsinging them, but they’re outplaying us” after about 20 minutes. When Webby went off injured, we went very quiet. He’d been there all season, and I think a lot of people thought we’d crumble without his presence. Thankfully, we were wrong. Then all pandemonium broke loose as Matt Rose managed to take the piss by scoring his only goal of the season WITH HIS LEFT FOOT.

After that, I continued to not enjoy the match at all, feeling sure we’d concede before the match was finished. I believe I spent most of the second half chewing on my scarf, as you can see in a few of Neil’s photos. The only time I started to feel safe was when the T-End on Tour were singing their 25 minute rendition of Barmy Army, during which I honestly believed that we could not concede; as though there was some sort of forcefield around Big Kev’s goal.

The final whistle and pitch invasion was a brilliant moment. I particularly remember Boris going mental like a small child in the centre circle, as I normally see him as quite a sensible bloke. The players were the heroes that day, but they really made the fans feel special by the way they celebrated with them. It was the best feeling.

I remember the coach journey home being quite relaxed and peaceful, but not being able to stop smiling. The warm May evening seemed just perfect. The stop at Membury services (Membury, Membury, we’re the mighty Gloucester City and we’re off to Membury…….) was quite special. 4 coachloads of City fans took over that Service Station, and the looks on the faces of the other people going to toilet as we were singing in the urinals were of sheer confusion. It will always be a great Membory.

The night out after was pretty special, involved a march through town singing City songs, nearly getting slung out of the Regal for singing too loudly, Paul Clark sneaking his City shirt into Liquid and making everyone kiss the badge, and having two un-named City players knocking on the door of my flat at 4am. But the memories will always be of the day, not the night. And what memories.

A lot of City fans were calling it the best day of their life at the time. But I didn’t want to go overboard and say that in the heat of the moment, as there have been a lot of good days. But looking back now, after it really has sunk in, it probably was the greatest day of my 23 year life to date.

by Joe Green

Having moved to Wolverhampton to go to university, I rarely get a chance to see Gloucester City play any more. However, when the Tigers reached the play-off final, I knew I had to see the match. Catching the train down, I was the first Gloucester fan to arrive at Farnborough’s ground, and it was certainly an interesting experience walking into a bar full of opposition supporters. However, all the people I spoke to were very welcoming.

For the match itself, all the Gloucester fans made our usual noise, only to receive a surprising silence in response. If the supporters’ actions had been the competition, Gloucester would have won in double, if not triple figures. But the important thing was that Gloucester did win, and a superb day was had by all. Or by all Tiger fans, anyway!

by MiniVac / Chris Howard

There is room only for two teams in my life but those who know me from the number of times I've snuck into Horton Road, Meadow Park and the Glorious Corinium will have wondered about that.

Must confess that I do have a sneaky affection for the Tigers, based of course on an irrational streak. So, when it comes to a match day that does not include Ciren or my beloved Toffees, the choice is easy. Last Saturday the not so subtle suggestions that it would be 'nice to pop into IKEA and look at those light fittings' saw the car start itself and aim for our End of Season Do via Cherrywood Road. Natch, I had to steer it so jumped in ....

There was a massive air of optimism. To me, it all came from just one way. Boro fans were all incredibly edgy. While all my mates were going through agonies it was for me just a matter of almost calmly waiting. I just knew that somebody would score. And after admiring the incredibly effective defending at The Corinium on Tuesday night it was just as certain that Carlsberg Kev would not be beaten.

Must admit that when after 10 minutes I knew the big yellow lump up top was never going to get himself in a position to score, the comfort grew. Queuing for scran – how complicated could they make that? - met up with a couple from Tivvy. Obvious question – and obvious answer. 'We always go to a match and we wanted to support Gloucester. Only took 3 hours to get here.' Nice one.

Highlights – Webb bossing the midfield after the first 5 mins, Ricco passing it out of defence (wot!), Simmo getting and keeping the ball, the speed with which the back line closed down the space in spite of Boro looking dangerous.

When the ball bounced on the edge of the box I was saying to the lad beside me 'He never scored for us, he'll pass it wide again.' I still swear he was trying that. But hey, what a boss end product on a miskick, eh? It also proved that a very large number of Tigers had not gone behind the goal but had slid into a decent spec. One of the advantages of being a neutral is you can look around and see. While most of youse lot were disgracing yourselves and jumping and waving and screaming I saw a whole bunch of arms elsewhere waving, AOTS.

Top togger highlight? That truly incredible save by Kev at the end of the first half. Really was. Lowlight? Whether he meant it or not I had noticed that their 6 (Saunders?) had been getting Webb just a tad after the ball had gone and I thought the take out was not only expertly timed to perfection but did the job. Hmm.

Wandered about, amused meself earwigging a bit on Vines trying and failing to motivate his team, but finished up late second half on the right of the TTE. Don't tell anybody but once or twice found meself bouncing ever so slightly and whispering Barmy Army. Typical me, after a few moments I looked at me watch. When it finally died down, briefly, it had been continuous noise for well over 20 mins.

That, plus the performance on the field, won it. That support was something else and you could see the imagination and determination draining out of Boro. To be fair, they did not panic and as time drifted on (I'd forgotten to time the ref's wise drinks break) even I started to get edgy. C'mon ref! Especially, in spite of his best efforts, Smudger was not getting upfield and Simmo was being robbed each time he tried to hold it in the corners.

'That lob' at the end nearly did for me. And, if you don't mind, I'll not comment on the disgraceful way grown men, women and cardboard Tigers / Robin on a Stick (I arfed at that one) ignored that lovely Stewarding woman and jumped the barriers.

Well! If that's what it takes to crisp yer bacon, then OK. Me? Stepped gracefully onto the sward after first finding Adie, then Neil, from the proper side of the barriers ( blows on fingers - rubs lapel badge). And finally tracked down Joe, Clifty, got a pat on the back onto a delirious Shandy. I was aiming for his head but missed – gah.

And went off to our End of Season Do with a huge smile on my face. If that is what Farnborough did to me, gawd knows how youse got through the day! For those concerned with family welfare, the light fitting went up around noon on Bankie Monday.

by Pylonsider (Cirencester fan)

I'm sure most of you who see me snapping away on a Saturday afternoon don't realise that by 3pm I've been up for eleven hours having already put in a full days work before embarking on a journey to watch City be they in whatever part of the country.

Today was no different. The alarm woke me from my slumber at 3:50am, a couple of reaches for the snooze button and half an hour later more power was needed to get me going so the TV had to go on, and on came channel 337 (Smash Hits TV!) with the opening bars of the Take That song "The Greatest Day" giving me goose pimples thinking about what could lie ahead later on.

Skipping past the work bit, well my walk was cut short thanks to a £15 backhander and another postie thankfully doing an hour for me, I was home, showered and changed before grabbing a heavy bag full of cameras and liquid refreshments before walking through the Park and the Docks en route to the Meadow Park coach station.

Confusion met me on arrival with Coach A and Coach C needing to be swapped over so thankfully those who'd already taken their seats on C disembarked without any fuss. Despite getting a few late passengers pretty much everyone who booked turned up so with news from Dom's mobile that the A417 was blocked we headed off via Horsepools to Cirencester through Stroud.

Jenni Silver wanted video of City fans in full voice for the Citizen website and despite me being able to work a variety of cameras and computers I'm hopeless with mobile phones and sending things from them so the footage that I shot of the singing is still on my phone. Not sure how Clifty coped mind!

After a quick pick up and piss stop in the Turnpike layby at Swindon news of a blockage on the M3 greeted us so our driver suggested an alternative route getting off the M4 at the Madjeski Stadium junction in Reading and going cross country through some very pleasant countryside before my skills with an A-Z navigated our four coaches directly to the overspill parking area that had been reserved for us behind the stadium in Farnborough.

We arrived in time for a drink but the bar was too busy so I went to get the teams and get some food. Tim had theirs and said that ours was the same as the Cambridge game so I sent them into livescores and had a chat with the City Officials on the carpet in the dugouts. Then I couldn't be bothered to queue for food so got a couple of cold drinks instead and tried to argue a case with Noah that Joe Green should be supporter of the year but that got nowhere. It's not an accolade that he likes!

Before the game I saw Dave Phillips and Ken Turner and just had to mention to Ken about the time I saw him at Histon (where we won 1-0) and told him that we didn't have a cat in hells chance that day. I wanted to try that approach again and told him so. It worked!

After kick off we seemed to do much better than I was expecting and I enjoyed my view from my low vantage point, but made sure I was near to City fans who were dotted around the ground.

I was in my third position when Rosey got the all important goal and you won't see a photo of it because I was ballwatching at the time. Their keeper got a hand to his shot but I still couldn't believe it as I saw the net ruffle in front of my eyes. I was lucky that he ran my way to celebrate and got up and got a number of decent shots and also got some abuse from the home fans.

They aimed some nasty stuff my way so I blew them a kiss back and stupidly did the "one-nil" with my fingers, only realising straight after that it would come back to haunt me if Farnborough equalised.

I'm glad they didn't though as I've waited twenty years for that goal and no tosser from some cockney satellite town is going to spoil the moment for me. I've done enough for this club over the years to be afforded that luxury so if you were one of those who had a go, go fu@k yourself!

Just before half time Kev pulled off that great save. It would've been a great goal, comparable to Gazza's against Scotland in Euro 96 but the Big man had a Big game and nothing was getting past our Kev today.

The half time whsitle really needed to be the full time whistle but life is never that sweet so I had a quick chat with Jack Pitcher who'd been sent over to buy some chocolate and he revelaed the extent of Webby's injury.

I started the second half sat by those clever revolving advertising boards, it's easier to lean on the static ones cos they don't move. By the time I'd worked my way round to the other side of the pitch I was watching the time on the scoreboard as every minute ticked by.

As it read "94" I was concentrating more on getting my other camera out of the bag and putting my big one away when the referee blew the final whistle, so I have to thank the Farnborough video man for capturing that image for me as it was a moment that I missed.

What happened next was a blur and something of a pinch me moment. My release came when I looked to the heavens, punched the air with both fists and held the pose whilst yelling out a big "YESSSSSS!!!"

Lots of handshakes, hugs and photos followed and it's thanks to Neil Mustoe who organised the team for the iconic photograph that currently adorns the front of this website and was proudly on the front page of the Citizen two days later.

Whereas most people went up town on their return to Gloucester, my long day and the need to get some photos organised for the Citizen and having to be up early enough to cover the Tiger Trail saw me heading home. I'm glad I day because I had seventeen photos in what has become a souveneir edition for all of the Tigers fans!

by Neil Phelps

The Playoffs have been very odd for me in that I wasn't nervous for this game or the Cambridge match. Even though I'm only the Physio, I do get nervous for big games, but evidentally not for this one.

As always, I was the first to arrive at The Chase for the coach to find that it was already there (and I thought I was early !). Then the good news. I had won the club lottery (sign of a good day ahead ?). Now the bad news. I was told off by Shaun and Dave for being nosey. They had secretly stashed some champagne in the kit bag we normally use for the yellow kit. Of course I was a tad worried that we had the wrong kit.

Ok, the Farnborough experience. Had to give Lee Marshall a fitness test. No problem there. I take the mick out of the Bristol lads for being soft but not Marshy. He has played a few games towards the end of the season with a knock or two. Dodgy hairdo, though.

The match was just a normal game really. A couple of trips onto the pitch. Unfortunately, I had to take Webby off. Can't remember if I had to visit Jack Harris or not. Odd if I didn't as I am quite certain Boris brought him to the club to keep me fit.

I put on the forum about the Barmy Army chant. I do think it's great when it gets going. And it brings back good memories of the T-End at Meadow Park. It will definately stick with me for a long time.

The last 10 minutes of the game was spent bouncing a ball infront of me (ok, the nerves might have started here). The final whistle went and it was onto the pitch with everyone else. As you can imagine, the atmosphere in the changing room was great. Managed to avoid the champagne corks but couldn't avoid the champagne shower, which was warmer than the actual shower I had later.

As to my celebrations later. I'm the quiet bloke at the club so once back in Gloucester, I came home and told Julie all about it. Yep, I am that boring.

But, Honestly, it was a great day and one I have been waiting for for a very long time.

by Ade Tandy (Physio)

Saturday 2nd May 2009, a date that will forever be etched in my brain. A day that started with being determined to treat it like any other away game, until at least the match was decided one way or the other, that is!

I nearly broke that self-imposed rule by wearing a yellow shirt! No, just in time, I reverted to a blue one as per normal! Of course it was no ordinary day as I felt tense inside, but didn't want to show it, especially to Boris and the Lads!

Shaun had purchased the day before, a supply of celebratory champagne (on a sale or return basis I might add) ,just in case the dream happened, but the problem was getting it on the coach without raising any suspicion. It was decided that we would secrete it into the 'home' kit bag and stow it away! All went o.k. until Adie Tandy jumped off the coach and said, 'What are we taking the home kit for, Farnborough will be in yellow?' I said, 'Get back on the coach Adie, (with a wink), and read your book like you normally do!' Nothing more was said about it thankfully! I guess he realised something because he seemed satisfied that the blue change strip bag was also included!

All seemed normal on the trip, with a suitable stop at Reading Services and subtle means were taken to ensure the home kit stayed on the bus without raising any eyebrows, when we arrived at Farnborough.

The game plan for me was to try and keep our hosts from taking an early lead, or the lead anytime, and somehow taking an opportunity when it arose. aROSE it did of course, in the 30th minute!

The theory was, that they were not a high-scoring side and had won a fair few games by 1-0 with a late goal on more than a few occasions! Besides they hadn't scored in two hours play against Hemel on the Tuesday, and that was shouting out something! If we could score first then they would not be on familiar ground in having to chase the game.

With five minutes to go Shaun suggested getting the Champagne ready, and I re-call screaming, no, no, no,....not yet!

The rest is history as they say, but of course most memorable history for all that! When Big Kev took that final goal-kick with the clock showing 94 minutes, I noticed the referee put his whistle to his lips and just knew he was going to blow by the time the ball reached the half way line! WE'D DONE IT! I went to make a move to Boris to give him a hug and a handshake when a wave of human flesh rolled in and I very nearly lost my footing! The next thing I know there were people everywhere, shaking hands, hugging , etc, and quite a few, near to tears. Emotions were running high to say the least!

Between about 4-50pm and 6-00pm I missed some 15 calls to my mobile, with voicemails stacked up, all on a congratulatory theme! (Dealt with next day I might add, as I was in no way calm enough then, to respond!

I remember speaking to a reporter from the Times Newspaper as things slowly calmed down a bit, and then seeing Adie Harris with an open bottle of THE champagne, so grabbed it off him and downed some with relish, as my throat was so, so dry by then! I know its the only time in my life that I could be accused of taking an alcoholic beverage on a football pitch!

We hadn't got out of Farnborough on the homeward journey when a chorus from the back of the coach were singing something about getting my wallet out, followed by an elongated 'Morrison's'. Suitably re-fuelled, the coach moved off, and then it was time for an excerpt from an edition of the 'Lee Randall Show'. I can still vividly see Lee down the front of the coach, a bottle in one hand and the coach microphone in the other, singing (Is that what its called?), like a cat in pain, with his very own take of some popular songs interspersed with efforts such as 'lets all do the Randall' and all the favourite T-End songs!

We literally flew home, but I will confirm that beer and some of that foul aniseed stuff that Ricco made me drink, definitely do not go well together!

by Dave Phillips (Chairman)

After the match against Cambridge where I spent the last 15 minutes hiding beneath my Jesters hat and threatening to throw up (nerves not Budweiser!) I thought Saturday would see me heading for the nearest loony bin! 20 years I’ve been following this fantastic club and there have been a few should’ve, would’ve and could’ve moments. I was surprisingly calm on Saturday when I picked up my dad and we made our way to Meadow Park, bought an away shirt (didn’t want to look like a farny) and settled onto the coach.

Won the football card and hoped this wouldn’t be the highlight of my day! Got to the ground & had a chat with big bruv (trying very hard to be impartial) then waited for little bruv to arrive from Bournemouth. Had time to catch up with some familiar faces in the bar and spend half a weeks wages on a bottle of Bud.

Still felt uncharacteristically calm as we made our way towards the yellow and black (and blue) masses. Apart from the goal, that save and a record breaking rendition of Barmy Army it’s all a bit of a blur!

The whistle went and I honestly thought I was going to spontaneously combust! Leapt over the hoardings (being 5 foot f**k all that’s no mean feat!) and went mental. I don’t think there was a player, or fan that I didn’t hug!

Found my dad (not sure how he got over either!) and then spent the next half an hour with a manic grin on my face not quite knowing what to do with myself. The journey home was quiet and contemplative, it really hadn’t sunk in.

Couldn’t go out after we arrived home as I was off to Cheshire in the morning but I am looking forward to the presentation night where hopefully we’ll have another celebration to mark what this club has achieved.

2nd May 2009 will stay with me forever as the day we finally showed everyone what this club was capable of and what everybody associated with it thoroughly deserve.

by Shelley (sister of the SL Secretary!)

Well it all started with me getting up having some breakfast (to line my stomach! Lol) then getting the bags ready for the journey ahead. Got to MP just before the Coaches then got on what we thought was Coach A without a toilet only for my Dad to hobble back on and say we were on the wrong one. So we got off, along with a few other City regulars, and walked past Coach B & C or was it D and then got on the correct Coach A with a toilet, bonus! Thanks Neil for sorting out that minor hiccup for us!

By time I had got to the back of the Coach my mobile rang and it was my sister in law saying they were stuck in traffic on the Brockworth bypass and had been for about half an hour! Another hiccup and I was starting to wonder if things would go our way today! A couple of calls later and walks down the Coach to Neil and we are off via Stroud instead of Birdlip, all sorted!

After a few sociable cans of diet coke and a card game of Family fortunes, it sounds fun and it was!, before you knew it we were in Farnborough parked up and singing as we descended the Coach. After a quick fag & queue to get in I joined a rather large queue for a pint of squash before joining the City faithful at the far end of the ground.

Fast forward 30 minutes and then I along with quite a few others went Chicken Oriental when of all people this sex is on fire scored with a slight deflection! After that I felt a lot better even though we had lost Tom Webb but if I’m honest I did not feel as nervous on the day compared to the Tuesday when we had Cambridge! I think this was because I was quietly confident we would do the Boro as opposed to Cambridge!

The rest of the half was spent singing in the Sun and praying we could just hold on for once! After a quick service stop and fag the players were back out and it was game on. For the first 20 minutes I stood behind my youngest away from the rather noisy City contingent before we joined them where I then spent the longest 25 minutes of my life plus injury time singing ‘Barmy Army’ with the odd break for a breather to rest my hands and sore throat! After a brief scare when the ball seemed to stay in the air for an age before landing on the net the match was soon over.

Upon the final whistle I jumped up and down like a mad man then grabbed my daughter and jumped around for a bit longer (she didn’t seem very happy about this mind) then I was off under two barriers and over the final one and on to the pitch, ignoring the lovely stewardess as I ran on to the pitch and jumped all over Lee Smith and someone else!

I then congratulated Jack Harris but before I did for some bizarre reason I told him I was rather tired from singing that song! Then it was on to find all the other City legends amongst the hoards of City fans and congratulate them in turn! If I’m honest I didn’t really know what to do with myself half the time I was on the pitch as after following City for over 24 years things like this just don’t happen but happen it did on Saturday the 2nd May and we are one season away!

Journey back was quite quiet due to lack of diet coke and slight exhaustion however it wasn’t in the toilets at Membury Services!

by Dom Squires

Woke up on the 2nd of May totally optimistic about the day ahead (that is getting to the ground on time and avoiding all the traffic on the way. Lol!). But then I found out Robbie Redshift was on our coach (Damn!). But seriously, the coach journey was extremely fun, I tried to persuade Drakey to give me a beer but I was unsuccessful. Fortunately, I did manage to persuade my Dad to give me some of his Fosters which was actually quite nice!

Arrived at ground at about 2:30ish. I have to say that my first impressions of the ground would have gone down well with all the 'boro fans. But when the game started, I realised the playing surface wasn't all that good (I'm being generous there, what I actually meant was that it was absolutely RUBBISH!).

Much to my surprise, the 'boro fans were sounding extremely quiet in our end. I think that we outsang them all game, especially with the 25 minute Barmy Army chant which really lifted the team and even though there was a last gasp effort from them, loads of people 'speculate' that the reason it went over and onto the roof of Kev's goal, was because the air generated by all the City fans voices, somehow managed to blow the ball over the net and secured us the play off victory (We are going up!)

When the whistle finally did go after what seemed like an hour of injury time, I didn't really know what to do: Do I jump over the fence to join the stampede of City fans on the pitch congratulating the players? Or do I wait for the stewards to open the gate and let all the fans on? In the end I went for the first option and the celebrations ensued.

The coach atmosphere on the way back was not what I expected it to be. I expected it to be like the YouTube video of our fans in full voice. But instead it was very calm apart from the odd: "Bye Bye Southern League, Bye Bye Sourthen League" chant from Drakey and co. But the real highlight was the service station we stopped at. There I witnessed one of the funniest things ever: A man on our coach went past one of the shops, picked up a bunch of flowers and stashed them in his inside coat pocket! And then came the chanting in the toilets; only one thing to say: "Hooligans la la la!" But on the whole, I would say the day was brilliant and I would totally do it all again. "Whoa Matt Rose is on Fire"

by Kelsey DeMaria (aged 13)

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